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Marking of Electrical Insulating Materials

This specification establishes the performance requirements for the identification of wire and cable by indirect markings that have been applied to electrical insulating materials including heat shrink sleeving, wrap around labels and “tie-on” tags as well as any other types of materials used for indirect marking. This specification covers the processes used to mark these materials, including impact ink marking, thermal transfer, hot stamp, and lasers, etc. This specification does not cover the direct marking on insulated electrical wires and cables.

Wire and Cable Marking Process, UV Laser

This standard is applicable to the marking of aerospace vehicle electrical wires and cables using ultraviolet (UV) lasers. This standard specifies the process requirements for the implementation of UV laser marking of aerospace electrical wire and cable and fiber optic cable to achieve an acceptable quality mark using equipment designed for UV laser marking of identification codes on aerospace wire and cable. Wiring specified as UV laser markable subject to AS4373 Test Methods for Insulated Electric Wire and which has been marked in accordance with this standard will conform to the requirements of AS50881.