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OTA will drive cybersecurity programs

Connecting vehicles with the Internet means that cybersecurity is now a necessity that must be designed into nearly every piece of automotive hardware and software.

Mission critical: cybersecurity

Cybersecurity was a red-hot discussion topic at the SAE 2014 World Congress as digital components and car-to-cloud communications become an ever-growing part of the vehicle package.

Cybersecurity for commercial vehicles

Mark Brooks of Southwest Research Institute’s Automation and Data Systems Division discusses the latest issues and technologies related to cybersecurity for commercial vehicles.

Cybersecurity Guidebook for Cyber-Physical Vehicle Systems

This recommended practice provides guidance on vehicle Cybersecurity and was created based off of, and expanded on from, existing practices which are being implemented or reported in industry, government and conference papers. ...Other proprietary Cybersecurity development processes and standards may have been established to support a specific manufacturer’s development processes, and may not be comprehensively represented in this document, however, information contained in this document may help refine existing in-house processes, methods, etc. ...This recommended practice establishes a set of high-level guiding principles for Cybersecurity as it relates to cyber-physical vehicle systems. This includes: • Defining a complete lifecycle process framework that can be tailored and utilized within each organization’s development processes to incorporate Cybersecurity into cyber-physical vehicle systems from concept phase through production, operation, service, and decommissioning. • Providing information on some common existing tools and methods used when designing, verifying and validating cyber-physical vehicle systems. • Providing basic guiding principles on Cybersecurity for vehicle systems. • Providing the foundation for further standards development activities in vehicle Cybersecurity.

Challenges ahead: cybersecurity and the aerospace supply chain

Supply chains, now being targeted as a pathway to the vital core of organizations around the world, have become a vital part of the industry’s cybersecurity strategy, says Kirsten Koepsel, author of SAE International’s latest book, The Aerospace Supply Chain and Cyber Security – Challenges Ahead, now available.

Automotive Cybersecurity Integrity Level (ACsIL)

A Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment Method that would work with the classification scheme or from which we could map into a specific level in the cybersecurity integrity classification scheme a. This will require reviewing existing TARA methods and deciding on one or a tailored version of one Determine how to relate the ACSIL for safety-related threats to the ASIL from ISO 26262