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Technical Paper

Worldwide Survey and Characterization of Commercial Marine Fuels

The quality and availability of distillate fuels in the coming decades has become an increasing concern to the U.S. Navy. In response, the Energy Research and Development Office of the David Taylor Naval Ship Research and Development Center (DTNSRDC) has conducted a worldwide survey of commercial marine fuels. An effort was made to obtain 50 commercial marine fuel samples from various suppliers worldwide. The purpose of the survey was to assess the current quality of available fuels by analytically characterizing each of the fuel samples obtained. This assessment consisted of the measurement of more than 44 fuel properties. This paper contains a summary of the analytical results which were obtained. In addition, the current analytical results are compared with refinery specifications, with the current Navy specification, and with the results of a similar survey conducted in 1983. Finally, the resulting conclusions and recommendations are presented.
Technical Paper

Worldwide Truck Electronic Systems -- Trends for the 90s

It is the goal of this paper, to discuss the impact of electronics on modern day commercial vehicles an buses. Seen from the position of advanced engineering of an European commercial vehicle manufacturer, the emphasis will be placed on the mechanical-electronical system itself, rather than the electronics themselves. User friendly, logic protected systems will minimize operator unfamiliarity and misapplication and will offer not only component control, but shortly the integration of all of these subsystems in the total vehicle control. Total vehicle control will be the ultimate result, when the driver, the truck and the environment are brought together. Such vehicles will be more responsive, safer and easier to drive than today's commercial vehicles and buses and offer a cost effective utilization of these new technologies to the customer.
Training / Education

Wrought Aluminum Metallurgy

There are a wide variety of wrought aluminum alloys, each developed to provide specific properties. Getting the strength you need in an aluminum alloy requires knowledge of the effects of alloy composition, cold-working, and heat treating on aluminum metallurgy and properties. A good understanding of how aluminum alloys behave and what can be done to modify their properties is critical for being more productive and profitable. The course takes about one hour to complete and consists of one module and a final exam. Also, quizzes and problems give you opportunities to apply the concepts taught.
Technical Paper

Yield Monitors, Combines, and Their Interactions

Instantaneous combine grain yield monitors need to provide reliable yield measurements since yield as a function of location is key information needed to manage fields by management zones. A scale and a yield monitor measured the same stream of grain and provided similar results when compared to each other. Data from either device may be misinterpreted if care in calibration and operation is not taken. Careful operators who pay attention to calibration, maintenance, and manufacturer's instructions will be required.
Technical Paper

You're Not Out There Alone: High-Tech and Other Aids for Your Career Planning and Management

Career development planning is critical to getting the most out of one's working years. It should start when one starts a career, but even if you start in mid-career, it's not too late. For those who haven't done it, career planning may seem difficult and confusing. Increasingly, your community library and state employment service agency provides valuable help in the form of computerized and manual aids to career planning and job-getting. This article follows Dave Brown, a mid-career engineer, through the career-planning process, introduces library and government resources to you and provides a list of computer programs relating to career planning and job getting.