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Leading High Performance Teams

Product development is organizationally a complex undertaking that requires effective coordination within a company and between companies. During product development, teams are confronted with a number of ongoing organizational challenges and there is a high potential for conflict between participants in the process. This course addresses teamwork and other "soft-side" factors that largely determine whether product development programs are successfully completed on schedule. The content is relevant for both OEMs and suppliers.
Training / Education

Intelligent Vehicles From Functional Framework to Vehicle Architecture

Considering the increasing demand for vehicle intelligence, more and more students, engineers and researchers are involved in this field. It can be challenging, however, to gain an understanding of the growing variety of intelligent vehicle technologies and how they must function together effectively as a system.  This course provides an overview of state-of-the-art intelligent vehicles, presents a systematic framework for intelligent technologies and vehicle-level architecture, and introduces testing methodologies to evaluate individual and integrated intelligent functions.

Technical Expert Panel Discussion: Next Generation of Prognostics Development

On Board Diagnostics have been around for a long time and are well understood and standardized. Huge amounts of diagnostic data have piled up over the years. Many variants and dimensions must be supported. Fortunately, the data is machine readable. This presentation provides an overview of the evolution of big data techniques to promote prognostic development and shows some case studies for the next generation of prognostics development.