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Technical Paper

Local Trajectory Planning and Control of Smart Vehicle Based on Enhanced Particle Swarm Optimization Method

This paper takes intelligent driving vehicle as the starting point and establishes a research method of intelligent vehicle trajectory planning based on particle swarm optimization, based on the vehicle kinematics and dynamics model, a model predictive control algorithm is built for trajectory tracking control, the simulation scene is built by Prescan, the vehicle dynamics parameters are set in Carsim, and then the joint simulation is carried out with Simulink.
Journal Article

Simulation and Verification of the Control Strategies for Pedestrian Active Collision Avoidance System Based on Internet of Vehicles

The effectiveness of the V2V-based pedestrian active collision avoidance strategy is simulated and verified in the blind-spot dangerous scenario by the joint simulation of Prescan, Carsim, and Matlab. The simulation results showed that the proposed control strategy can adjust the activation timing and deceleration of the active collision avoidance system according to the different driving states of the vehicle, and the V2V-based pedestrian active collision avoidance control system can effectively avoid collisions with a pedestrian, which ensure the safety of collision avoidance.
Technical Paper

Hierarchical Vehicle Stability Control Strategy Based on Unscented Kalman Filter Estimation

Based on MATLAB/Simulink and vehicle dynamics simulation software CarSim, a joint simulation platform is built to test and verify the algorithm. The simulation results show that the designed controller has a high estimation accuracy for the sideslip angle, and reliably ensures the steering stability of the vehicle under a variety of extreme conditions.
Technical Paper

Research on Automatic Lane Change Path Planning Based on Improved Rapidly-Exploring Random Trees

After processing, the planned path is finally obtained, which ensures that the planned path meets the kinematic constraints of the vehicle and is as close as possible to the optimal solution. CarSim was used for vehicle and road modeling and co-simulation with Matlab / Simulink. The path planning was carried out in Simulink and the hybrid algorithm combining model predictive control algorithm and PID algorithm was used to realize path tracking.
Technical Paper

Customized Co-Simulation Environment for Autonomous Driving Algorithm Development and Evaluation

Therefore, this paper investigates existing simulation environments, identifies use case scenarios, and creates a co-simulation environment to satisfy the simulation requirements for autonomous driving function development using the Carla simulator based on the Unreal game engine for the environment, Sumo or Vissim for traffic co-simulation, Carsim or Matlab/Simulink for vehicle dynamics co-simulation and Autoware or the authors’ or users’ own routines for autonomous driving algorithm co-simulation.
Technical Paper

Realistic Electric Motor Modelling for Electric Vehicle Performance Prediction

Modelling of the electric powertrain system consisting of a motor and single gear transmission was performed using MSC ADAMS and an electric vehicle was modelled using CarSim. Extensive electrical architecture was used to create the models. Acceleration tests were carried out and the result obtained from both approaches was then correlated with data obtained from test data of actual vehicle and the accuracy of the results obtained was found to be good.
Technical Paper

A Robust Vehicle Positioning Method Based on Low-Cost Sensors Under Short-Term Failure of Global Positioning System

To verify the proposed positioning methods, real vehicle tests and CarSim + MATLAB/Simulink co-simulation are carried out. The results show that the proposed USQUE-LSTM method can effectively improve the vehicle positioning performance under short-term GPS failure, and the positioning root-mean-squared error is less than 5m within 60s; and the proposed USQUE-LSTM-VDM strategy has higher positioning accuracy and better scene adaptability, which provides an effective solution to the positioning problem under short-term GPS failure.
Technical Paper

Lap Time Optimization and Path Following Control for 4WS & 4WID Autonomous Vehicle

Next, to evaluate the lap time improvement of 4WS & 4WID, a detailed vehicle dynamic model of our 4WS & 4WID platform vehicle is built in Carsim. To follow the racing line, a path following controller which contains a PID speed controller and a model predictive control (MPC) yaw rate controller is built.
Technical Paper

Research on Critical Test Scenarios of Automated Vehicle Overtaking on Highway

According to the overtaking decision of automated vehicles on the highway and the motion planning and control algorithm based on model predictive control, we established a Matlab/Simulink and CarSim joint simulation platform to simulate the overtaking scenarios of automated ego-vehicle.