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Measuring the Pitch of Door Closing Sounds - The Sound Quality Issue of Door “Thump”

The impetus for the investigation was a paper by Gardner and Magnasco. Their paper described an instantaneous frequency decomposition method that they used in the study of bird song and human speech. ...Two questions that immediately arise are can Gardner and Magnasco's technique resolve the low frequency components that occur in door closing sounds and, if so, do they relate to human perception of thump?
Technical Paper

Zone of Influence of Porous Suction Tubes in Condensing Heat Exchanger for Space Systems

The model is based on the Richard's equation simplified for the zero-gravity conditions. The half-saturation distance or the zone of influence of the porous annular suction tubes on the cold-plate porous material will be in the range of 1 to 10 cm for the time scales ranging from 100 to 10,000 seconds and moisture diffusivity in the range of D = 10-4 to 10-6 m2/s.


Spotlight on Bernard Gilmont Ian Adcock talks with the European Aluminium Association director about light weighting and improved vehicle efficiency Hydrogen: The Power Broker Andrew English on the challenges of storing hydrogen, using metal-organic frameworks Bridging the gap In an Automotive Design exclusive, Richard Yarrow reveals the secrets behind Harman's interconnected infotainment technology
Technical Paper

Less Is “More”: Can You Trust Your Ears II

In a 1998 SAE presentation Richard Stroud of Delco Electronics showed that ‘more’ of anything related to audio (loudness, equalization, et. al.) is often considered to be ‘better’ by untrained listeners1 This paper discusses the human mechanisms that influence the effect and concludes that independent professional evaluation is the best alternative for preserving quality of listening evaluations.
Technical Paper

High-Speed Compression-Ignition Engines for Motor-Vehicles

Another operating company has in service 50 vehicles equipped with Gardner direct-injection engines. Several direct-injection systems are illustrated, and curves for comparative fuel-consumptions of the Leyland engine, using gasoline and using gas oil, are presented.

Automotive Engineering Fundamentals

In the introduction of Automotive Engineering Fundamentals, Richard Stone and Jeffrey K. Ball provide a fascinating and often amusing history of the passenger vehicle, showcasing the various highs and lows of this now-indispensable component of civilized societies.
Technical Paper

Using the Peripheral Vision Horizon Display

This device, conceived by Dr. Richard Malcolm, reinforces spatial orientation subconsciously through peripheral vision. At first, pilots find the display distracting.

Automotive Engineering International 2011-02-01

Shifting gears smoothly Richard E. Kleine, a 30-year veteran of Cummins Inc. and former SAE Commercial Vehicle VP, seeks continuity over change as he moves into the driver's seat of SAE International.
Technical Paper

Lyon Statistical Mode Shape Functions

From 1983 to 1995, Richard H. Lyon published several papers on Statistical Phase Analysis, showing that the average phase of the transfer functions in complex systems grows with frequency in proportion to the modal density of the system.
Technical Paper

Low Gloss ABS Advancements for Automotive Interior Components

In fact, some OEM's have specified a 2.0 or lower sixty degree Gardner gloss level for most first surface interior components molded in color (MIC) and without paint or a secondary finishing process such as a vinyl wrap.

Pioneers of the U.S. Automobile Industry, Vol. II

Pioneers and companies covered in this edition include: Charles and Frank Duryea Studebaker The Pratt Family and the Elcar Motor Care Company Joseph Moon Russell Gardner Louis Clarke George Pierce and Charles Clifton Packard/Joy/Macauley and the Packard Motor Car Company Edwin Thomas Ransom Olds Peerless Fred and August Duesenberg Kissel Brothers Hupp / Drake / Hastings / Young and the Hupp Motor Car Corporation Walter Flanders Chapin / Coffin / Bezner / Jackson / Hudson / McAneeny and The Hudson Motor Car Company Harry Stutz Harry Ford Graham Brothers Charles Nash

Air Bag Development and Performance

Air Bag Development and Performance: New Perspectives from Industry, Government and Academia begins with five chapters - one each from Editor Richard Kent and the collection's four Associate Editors - offering the authors' unique perspectives on the history, development, or performance of these important safety devices.
Technical Paper

A Dynamic Driving Course for Military Personnel -Curriculum and Assessment Results

A pilot safe driving program for Marines was jointly developed by the Richard Petty Driving Experience and Clemson University Automotive Safety Research Institute. The pilot program includes four modules based on leading causes of vehicle crashes, and uses classroom and behind the wheel components to improve and reinforce safe driving skills and knowledge.
Training / Education

Vehicle Dynamics for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks

The role that vehicle dynamics can and should play in effective automotive chassis development and the information and technology flow from vehicle system to subsystem to piece-part is integrated into the presentation. Dr. Richard Lundstrom develops and solves governing equations of motion for both steady and transient conditions.