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Bombardier C Series taking off in Europe

The route-proving program is being conducted as SWISS readies for the CS100 aircraft’s entry-into-service, the airline’s first CS100 aircraft is scheduled to be delivered by Bombardier in second quarter 2016.

Growing pains (and gains) of P&W's Pure Power engine

After many years of flat-lining in the supply of new commercial jet engines—with improved models, but with designs dating back to the late 1990s, relying on a continuous path of evolutionary development—a new generation of super-efficient powerplants is entering service, introducing many technologies that will also be applied to future engines.

Jet Aviation, Honeywell partner on business jet avionics

Jet Aviation has developed a supplemental type certificate through the European Aviation Safety Agency to update aging cockpit displays on Dassault Falcon and Cessna Citation business jets with Honeywell DU-875 LCD units.

Rolls-Royce looks to corner commercial markets, military next

Rolls-Royce will be providing United Airlines additional Trent XWB engines and service support. The company also recently laid out an offering of the BR725 powerplant, designated F130 for military purposes, to the U.S. Air Force Boeing B-52 Stratofortress fleet.

Electronics take charge

Digital controls are handling more engine control tasks on a wider range of aircraft.

Gulfstream G500 earns FAA type and production certificates

The Gulfstream G500 twin-engine business jet recently completed type certification and received a production certificate from the FAA. The certifications pave the way for Gulfstream’s first G500 customer delivery planned for fourth quarter this year.

Pratt & Whitney's PW1900G engine takes off

The PW1900G engine model for Embraer's E190-E2 recently flew on P&W's 747SP flying test bed at the company's Mirabel Flight Test Center in Quebec, with the engine family sited as a 'climate solution.'

Turn growing complexity into competitive advantage through digitalization

While the pandemic continues, aerospace companies are rising to embrace new and emerging challenges at a time when there’s so much innovation. This innovation can be seen in the emergence of urban air mobility (UAM), the rebirth of supersonic flight, the drive towards a “zero emission” aircraft, and the continued use of autonomous drones for delivery, freight, search & rescue, and defense. There are exciting new developments in space as companies are developing products for commercial exploration and space tourism, and new ways to launch satellites. A new generation of engineering is also emerging in the defense sector and its development of not only aircraft, but also ships, tankers, and even flight trainers.