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The car door handle is an essential component of any vehicle, as it plays a crucial role in providing access to the cabin and ensuring safety of the passenger. The primary function of the car door handle is to allow entry and exit from the vehicle while preventing unauthorized access. In addition to this, car door handles also play a critical role in ensuring passenger safety by keeping the door closed during accidents or when there is a significant amount of G-force acting on the vehicle. A typical car door handle comprises several components including the structure, cover, Bowden lever, bracket, pins and other child parts. The structure provides the ergonomics and rigidity for grabbing the handle, while the cover gives the handle an aesthetic appearance. The Bowden lever facilitates the unlatching of the door and the intermediate parts ensure that the handle operates smoothly.
Technical Paper

Regulatory trends for enhancement of Road Safety

Various Advanced Driver Assistance systems are being introduced to the Indian Market with the aim of reducing the road fatalities and injuries leading to severe trauma. India being one of the largest markets for the automobile sector always stands committed towards providing safe and sustainable transportation to its citizens. Advanced Driver Systems such as Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS), Autonomous Emergency Braking systems (AEBS), Lane Departure Warning Systems, Auto Lane Correction Systems, Driver Drowsiness Monitoring Systems, Speed Limiting and Assisting Systems, Automated Crusing Control Systems, Automated Commanded Steering Functions, Traffic Jam assist systems etc., assist the driver during driving. They tend to reduce road accidents and related fatalities by their advanced and artificial intelligent fed programs.
Technical Paper

Cyber Threats and its Mitigation to Intelligent Transportation System

The conventional methods mostly practised includes network segmentation and cryptography that are followed for ITS cybersecurity. The article also focus on innovative approaches that have recently adopted my many cybersecurity professionals for secured operation of ITS involves block-chain, artificial intelligence, bloom filter, fog computing, game theory and ontologies. ...The article also focus on innovative approaches that have recently adopted my many cybersecurity professionals for secured operation of ITS involves block-chain, artificial intelligence, bloom filter, fog computing, game theory and ontologies.
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Automotive Cybersecurity Certification Level One

The ever-increasing networking and automation of vehicles make cybersecurity a core requirement for future vehicles and their components. Automobile manufacturers and suppliers are confronted with new requirements that address the cybersecurity of vehicle IT/OT.
Technical Paper

The operation phase as the currently underestimated phase of the (safety & legal) product lifecycle of autonomous vehicles for SEA L3/L4 - Lessons Learned from existing operations and development of a deployment & operation blueprint

Supported by an implemented effective management system for CyberSecurity (R155), a Software Update Management System (R156) and a Safety Management System (in compliance to Automated Lane Keeping System (UN ECE R157)), the organizations have to ensure safe and secure development, deployment and operation to fulfill legal requirements. 
Technical Paper

Users Perception of Data Privacy in Autonomous Vehicles in Dubai

The concerns surrounding AV adoption encompass the data protection factor. An online survey will be conducted to gain insights into this concern, targeting UAE residents with knowledge about AV technology. The collected data will be subjected to statistical analysis to provide valuable information for the UAE government and private sectors. To achieve this goal, we will conduct a statistical analysis of the collected data to gain insight into the obstacles impeding the adoption of AV technologies in the United Arab Emirates. This analysis will quantify the factors that contribute to UAE public concerns. We will also examine user group evaluations in terms of their propensity to employ the technology in the future.

AeroTech® Digital Summit

New for 2022, AeroTech® will deliver even more robust programming by teaming up with AeroMat to deliver learning opportunities dedicated to: Additive Manufacturing and Materials, Environment and Sustainable Aviation (Sustainability), Autonomy and AI, Safety and Human Factors, Modeling, Simulation and Testing, Cybersecurity / Cyber-Physical Security, Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing and Assembly, IDEAL Summit (inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility and leadership), Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and Multimodal Mobility (M3)

Program - 2023 Government Industry Meeting

Annual conference government policy, regulatory makers, automotive industry neutral forum discuss US government regulation, technology, customer acceptance future vehicle design. industry event safety, emission control, fuel efficiency, automated vehicles.