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DO-326A and ED-202A An Introduction to the New and Mandatory Aviation Cyber-Security Essentials

This course will introduce participants to industry best practices for real-world aviation cyber-security risk-assessment, development & assurance. Participants will learn the information necessary to help minimize DO-326/ED-202-set compliance risks and costs, while also optimizing cyber-security levels for the development, deployment and in-service phases Topics such as aircraft security aspects of safety, systems-approach to security, security planning, the airworthiness security process, and security effectiveness assurance will be covered.
Technical Paper

Cyber Security Approval Criteria: Application of UN R155

The UN R155 regulation is the first automotive cyber security regulation and has made security a mandatory approval criterion for new vehicle types. This establishes internationally harmonized security requirements for market approval. As a result, the application of the regulation presents manufacturers and suppliers with the challenge of demonstrating compliance. At process level the implementation of a Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) is required while at product level, the Threat Assessment and Risk Analysis (TARA) forms the basis to identify relevant threats and corresponding mitigation strategies. Overall, an issued type approval is internationally recognized by the member states of the UN 1958 Agreement. International recognition implies that uniform assessment criteria are applied to demonstrate compliance and to decide whether security efforts are sufficient.