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Introduction to Car Hacking with CANbus

Therefore, engineers should ensure that systems are designed free of unreasonable risks to motor vehicle safety, including those that may result due to existence of potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities. The automotive industry is making vehicle cybersecurity an organizational priority.
Technical Paper

Automotive security solution using Hardware Security Module (HSM)

., intelligent vehicles with advance safe and secure features but all these advancements come with significant threat of cybersecurity risk. Therefore, providing an automobile that is safe and secure through cyber-attack is also got equal importance. ...In this paper, we will discuss some of the challenges and key application of cybersecurity in the automotive sector. We will also discuss some possible approaches to address these challenges and enhance the security and privacy of automotive systems. ...Certain Automotive cybersecurity applications include Secure ECU communication, Digital signature generation and verification, Secure V2X, In-vehicle infotainment (IVI) security, Secure key management and storage, Secure remote vehicle access and control, and Secure over-the-air (OTA) updates.
Technical Paper

Wireless CAN adaptation for ZCU based using Zigbee protocol for efficient data transmission and data security

This paper explores the integration of Wireless Controller Area Network (CAN) technology with the Zigbee protocol to enhance data transmission efficiency and security in Zonal Control Unit (ZCU) based systems. By combining Zigbee's wireless capabilities with CAN's established reliability, this integration aims to address these challenges while ensuring robust security measures. The integration of Wireless CAN with Zigbee protocol offers a promising solution to overcome the limitations of traditional wired communication architectures. Utilizing Zigbee's low-power, short-range wireless protocol facilitates seamless communication between ZCU modules, eliminating the need for physical connections and enhancing system flexibility. The adoption of Wireless CAN with Zigbee protocol presents an innovative solution for achieving efficient data transmission and robust data security in ZCU-based systems.
Technical Paper

Contextual Study of Security and Privacy in V2X Communication for Architecture & Networking products

In recent times there has been an upward trend in "Connected Vehicles", which has significantly improved not only the driving experience but also the "ownership of the car". The use of state-of-the-art wireless technologies, such as vehicle-to-everything (V2X) connectivity, is crucial for its dependability and safety. V2X also effectively extends the information flow between the transportation ecosystem pedestrians, public infrastructure (traffic management system) and parking infrastructure, charging and fuel stations, Etc. V2X has a lot of potential to enhance traffic flow, boost traffic safety, and provide drivers and operators with new services. One of the fundamental issues is maintaining trustworthy and quick communication between cars and infrastructure. While establishing stable connectivity, reducing interference, and controlling the fluctuating quality of wireless transmissions, we have to ensure the Security and Privacy of V2I.