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Aerospace Engineering 2005-06-01

Super-sized rig Goodrich has unveiled the world's largest landing gear test facility, lending credence to the nation that bigger sometimes can be better. Space goes commercial Redundancy, control, and software are key enabling technologies toward bringing space flight to a store near you.

Aerospace & Defense Technology: February 2014

Thermal simulation and testing of expanded metal foils for lightning protection With the implementation of major aircraft structures fabricated from carbon fiber reinforced plastic materials, lightning protection has become a more complicated issue for designers and engineers to solve. Electronics take charge Digital controls are handling more engine control tasks on a wider range of aircraft.

Aerospace Engineering & Manufacturing 2010-11-10

Tolling for large, light composite parts Aerospace engineers use carbon-fiber composites to create larger, unified parts to replace many smaller parts fastened together. As composite parts get larger, tooling to make them is evolving.

Aerospace Engineering 2006-10-01

A deeper dive Simulation and testing continue to evolve, giving engineers more capabilities to find and fix errors before aircraft go into production. Europe: The empty cockpit The growing momentum behind the design and manufacture of UAVs and their potential integration into the global environment is bringing outstanding technology challenges and ooprtunities for the aerospace industry. U.S. manufacturing base shifts into high gear. Both military and civilian contractors are ramping up to meet demands of both war and commerce.

Aerospace Engineering 2006-08-01

Planning for the future The long lifetimes of aircraft pose big challenges for the many engineers who want to adopt the latest in electronic technologies. Getting it right through test flight Flight testing remains an important component in validation and certification of aircraft. More electric aircraft System design trends for the next generation of aircraft point toward more distributed, but fully intergrated, systems.

Aerospace Engineering 2005-03-01

Collaboration off shelf Major software suppliers are using their experiences supporting aerospace customers to develop solutions that make suppliers more efficient. The future of wire health While recent technological advances can provide increased safety through faster suppression of shorts and arcing type conditions, it can also add significantly to ongoing maintenance costs. Tomorrow's reality in defense electronics SAE 100 Future look: From space-based satellite communications systems to rifles equipped with laser and thermal imaging sights, electronics has intergrated itself as a core ingredient of contemporary war-fare.

Aerospace Engineering 2003-07-01

The growth of an industry This second of a three-part series highlighting the centennial of flight focuses on how World War I and II changed the face of aviation technology. Portable test system Boeing uses VXI via KineticSystems to achieve greater dependability, accuracy, and efficiency in its digital distortion analyzer for propulsion systems. Fire-resistant composites for engine nacelles Engineers from Boeing treated fiberglass/polyimide and graphite/polyimide laminates with various phosphorylated polymers to obtain fire-resistant resins for use in harsh environments. Accelerating the design process The use of desktop analysis software can lead to a faster and more efficient process for the design and manufacture of aerospace components, according to SolidWorks.

Aerospace Engineering 2002-10-01

Launching technology EADS is propelling itself as a high-tech cost saver. Coping with engine emissions Pratt & Whitney addresses both noise- and pollutant- emissions concerns in both its new and current engine platforms. Collaborating with the enemy Most aerospace firms have found it necessary or even essential to partner with their competitors to remain in key markets and activities.

Aerospace Engineering 2002-04-01

From motorsports to aerospace Pi Research brings its motorsports digital data-acquisition technology to the aerospace industry. New testing solutions Aerospace Engineering editors review the latest testing products, equipment, and technologies from the idustry's suppliers. The world of business jet technology "Aerospace Engineering" provides an overview of new business jets and the technological innovations that make them fly in the first installment of a two part series. Dassault adds another Falcon The Falcon 7X featurs a host of new technologies, including an advanced wing design, making it Dassault's next-generation business jet. Eclipse makes business jets affordable New manufacturing techniques and high-volume approaches are enabling Eclipse to bring an affordable aircraft to the business jet market. Cessna establishes its Sovereignty The company finalizes development of the Sovereign and prepares it for FAA certification, which is expected late this year.

Aerospace Engineering 2001-11-01

Safeguarding aircraft systems How several systems suppliers, airframers, and researchers have approached the need for increased system safeguards and protection against lightning strikes. One last look back A review of the technology news, discussions, and announcements from the first Aerospace Congress & Exhibition held September 10-13 in Seattle, WA. Powering unmanned aircraft Pratt & Whitney Canada is developing and testing a commercial turbofan engine derivative for high-altitude unmanned air vehicle applications. 737-800 winglet integration A joint venture between Boeing and Aviation Partners Inc. is involved in developing a performance improvement for in-service aircraft.


This document provides Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) operators, FSTD manufacturers, airplane manufacturers or other sources of approved data and vendors of airplane equipment, with a standard describing the scope and content of data required to build, test, and qualify FSTDs of adequate fidelity to meet flight crew training requirements.

Momentum, the Magazine for Student Members of SAE International 2011-01-28

Road to lab to math Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University students designed a biodiesel-fueled power-split extended range electric vehicle for the latest ecocar challenge. Deep (Orange) Dive Cu-icar teams with industry to complete a student-engineered and -designed extended- range EV. Trends impacting military and defense engineering Industry leaders discussed a number of pressing issues- ranging from the need for more young engineers to significantly compressed design cycles- at the recent SAE Commercial Vehicle Engineeering Congress. Shifting gears smoothly Kleine, a 30-year veteran of Cummins Inc. and former SAE Commercial Vehicle VP, seeks continuity over change as he moves into SAE's driver's seat.


This document provides Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) operators, FSTD manufacturers, airplane manufacturers or other sources of approved data and vendors of airplane equipment, with a standard describing the scope and content of data required to build, test, and qualify FSTDs of adequate fidelity to meet flight crew training requirements.