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Recommended Practice for Pass-Thru Vehicle Programming

This SAE Recommended Practice describes a standardized interface that connects between a standard personal computer (PC) and vehicle. The purpose of this interface is to enable the reprogramming of emission-related control modules, in 2004 and later model year vehicles. The interface shall consist of the necessary hardware and/or software to support the requirements defined in this document. It is expected that vehicle manufacturers will provide the software application that will control the Pass-Thru Interface, to perform the actual reprogramming. The goal of this document is to ensure that reprogramming software from any vehicle manufacturer is compatible with interface supplied by any tool manufacturer. A common interface for all vehicle manufacturers reduces the tool costs for aftermarket garages, while allowing each vehicle manufacturer to control the programming sequence for the electronic control units (ECUs) in their vehicles.

Optional Pass-Thru Features

SAE J2534-1 defines a standard vehicle network interface that can be used to reprogram emission-related control modules. However, there is a need to support vehicles prior to the 2004 model year, as well as non-emission related control modules. The SAE J2534-2 document meets these needs by detailing extensions to API version 04.04 of the SAE J2534-1 specification. It is not required for an interface to be fully compliant with API version 04.04 of the SAE J2534-1 specification to implement some of the features specified in this document. Together, these extensions provide the framework for a common interface to protect the software investment of the vehicle OEMs and scan tool manufacturers. Only the optional features will be described by this document and are based on the December 2004 publication of SAE J2534-1.

Pass-Thru Extended Feature - Resource Document

It defines the common data structures and constants that will be used to implement the extension to the SAE J2534 API. This document will only include the items that are used by the V05.00 API and that are NOT included in SAE J2534-1_0500.

Recommended Practice for Pass-Thru Vehicle Programming

Possible revisions include SAE J1939 specific software and an alternate vehicle connector, but the basic hardware of an SAE J2534 interface device is expected to remain unchanged.

An overview of DoIP, OBD protocol allowed for ZEV vehicles, using a SAE J2534 device

It discusses network interface requirements, how to connect test fixtures, and how to implement diagnostic software using a SAE J2534 compatible interface to communicate with a DoIP vehicle. During the talk, the author will discuss lessons learned while implementing a DoIP driver, including a few quirks in DoIP implementations discovered during field testing.

TP2.0 Vehicle Diagnostic Protocol

This document should be used in conjunction with SAE J2534-2 in order to fully implement the communication protocol in an SAE J2534 interface. Some Volkswagen of America and Audi of America vehicles are equipped with ECU(s), in which a TP2.0 proprietary diagnostic communication protocol is implemented. ...The purpose of this document is to specify the requirements necessary to implement the communication protocol in an SAE J2534 interface.