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Technical Paper

A Basic Study of a Driver's Gaze Area Detection System

With the improved safety performance of vehicles, the number of accidents has been decreasing. However, accidents due to driver distraction still occur, which means that there is a high need to determine whether a driver is properly looking at the surroundings.
Technical Paper

Technology to Balance Discharge Pressure Characteristics with Hydraulic Vibration Control for a Variable Discharge Oil Pump

1 There are two design challenges of the flow path switching valve in a three-stage variable discharge oil pump. The first is to obtain the required discharge pressure characteristics and the other is to prevent hydraulic vibration. Therefore, we established technologies to determine the shape of the valve and the valve housing that resolve these two challenges. The technology to obtain the required discharge pressure characteristics solves equations that are statically true, such as the equations for the equilibrium of forces and hydraulic orifice. The hydraulic vibration control technology derives a differential equation that takes transient behavior, including oil elasticity and inertia, into account first. Then, the derived equations are converted to a transfer function that indicates the valve behavior according to the input of oil pressure changes. And then the stability criterion is applied to judge whether hydraulic vibration occurs or not.
Technical Paper

Pedestrian Space Mobility and Safety Technology

Our society is faced with the serious problems such as aging population growth, environmental pollution and limited energy resource issues. As a means to address these issues, we are developing new mobility vehicles designed to support short-distance trips in urban settings. These mobility vehicles are intended for use in pedestrian areas inside buildings as well as outside, including public roads. In order to ensure safe and convenient operation for both pedestrians and mobility users, we conducted a risk assessment of mobility vehicles in pedestrian areas, and then developed a feature to autonomously limit the speed according to their surrounding conditions. This report discusses the utility of these mobility vehicles with the safety functions based on the fully conducted risk assessment, collision test and performance evaluation in public roads.
Technical Paper

Development of Pre-Crash Intelligent Head Restraint

If a crash prediction system (Rear pre-crash safety) determines that a rear crash is unavoidable, this product reduces whiplash injury by reducing shock to the neck by quickly moving the front part of a head restraint forward thus shortening the distance between the head and the head restraint. Pre-crash intelligent head restraint systems were developed for safe vehicle. In this paper, the method to detect collision risk and how to protect passenger's heads was introduced. Also sensor idea and operating mechanism were explained.
Technical Paper

A Driver-Side Airbag System Using a Mechanical Firing Microminiature Sensor

By developing a mechanical-firing sensor using rotational inertia effect, we have completed miniaturization of the sensor and have developed a new-type mechanical-firing airbag system. This airbag system has been confirmed to have superior occupant protection performance after conducting a variety of vehicle crash tests and sled tests.
Technical Paper

Wheel Speed Sensor Applying the Eddy Current Effect Through the High-Frequency Modulated Magnetic Field

This active-drive wheel speed sensor, developed by the high-frequency magnetic system, enables detection of very slow wheel speeds - hitherto difficult to accomplish with any conventional type of Magnetic Pick up - by applying the eddy current effect through the high-frequency magnetic field. The following report presents an analysis of the magnetic circuit which integrates the magnetic-field generating coil with the detection rotor, and the unique circuit system which ensures strength against eccentricity of the wheel rotor and air gap variations, etc.
Technical Paper

Study on Stabilization Friction Coefficient of Disc Brake Pads in Cold Condition

Resolving the brake squeal that occurs under various environments is a major topic, and a resolution method is eagerly anticipated. We focused on the phenomenon that, amid various environmental conditions, squeal occurs easily when an automobile has been left standing in a cold environment. We checked the details focusing on the friction coefficient (hereafter, μ). As a result, we found that μ increases when squeal is generated, and that the sliding surface film contributes to the μ behavior. We studied measures to be taken to increase the μ in cold conditions.
Technical Paper

GPS Receiver Using In-Vehicle Diversity Antenna

The usage of GPS (Global Positioning System) in various fields is growing. The best solution known for GPS outage problems in vehicle navigation systems is DR (dead reckoning). An inertial system based on distance and heading sensors backs up the GPS equipment by relaying information during periods without satellite visibility. Because the DR inertial system delivers relative positions and GPS absolute positions, it seems logical to combine the two to minimize the cumulative drift errors,mainly due to distance and heading sensor resolution. For in-vehicle GPS receiver, there are problems in maintaining the operation performance even in unfavorable environments like an urban area and using antenna layout which does not hinder the vehicle design. In the text,the solutions to these problems and a new type GPS receiving system which is equipped with Toyota Electro-Multivision(1) are described.
Technical Paper

Autonomous Vehicle Control System Using an Image Processing Sensor

Development of a system which utilizes technology for the recognition of a vehicle's surroundings. Research is currently taking place in many countries, the goals of which are to improve a vehicle's safety and convenience by reducing driver strain through the automation of the recognition, judgment, and operation capabilities that are needed when driving an automobile. To recognize the vehicle's surroundings, we have adopted an image sensor system which offers superior three-dimensional recognition capabilities. In this paper, we will introduce a inter vehicle distance control system which controls the vehicle's throttle and braking functions by detecting the position of the driving lane and the distance to the vehicle in front based on the images obtained by a CCD camera.
Technical Paper

Development of New Aisin Transmission for Medium Duty Truck and Bus

AISIN SEIKI CO., Ltd. Started the production of electronically controlled hydraulic automatic transmissions for medium-duty trucks and buses in 1989. The number of vehicles on the Japanese market in which this system is adopted is increasing steadily. After re-examining market needs, AISIN SEIKI CO., Ltd. has newly developed an electronically controlled hydraulic automatic transmission A580 which focuses on improved input capacity, driving performance and fuel economy for medium-duty trucks and buses and lessens learnt from experience.