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Technical Paper

Integration of Car-to-Car Communication into IAV

In this paper, we present the integration of C2C communication into IAV. Traditional IAV detects target vehicles only they are in visible area; however this integration makes IAV to sense target vehicles even they are blocked by obstacles. In this system, C2C ECU keeps monitoring the target vehicles on the road and sends a warning to IAV controller when it detects any event or risky situation. Finally IAV avoids the collision with the target vehicle by reducing the moving speed or generating a new path.
Technical Paper

Forward Sensing System for LKS+ACC

This paper discusses the market trends and advantages of a safety system integrating LKS (Lane Keeping System) and ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), referred to as the LKS+ACC system, and proposes a method utilizing the range data from ACC for the sake of lane detection. The overall structure of lane detection is the same as the conventional method using monocular vision: EDF (Edge Distribution Function)-based initialization, sub-ROI (Region Of Interest) for left/right and distance-based layers, steerable filter-based feature extraction, and model fitting in each sub-ROI. The proposed method adds only the system for confining lane detection ROI to free space that is established by range data. Experimental results indicate that such a simple adaptive ROI can overcome occlusion of lane markings and disturbance of neighboring vehicles.