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Technical Paper

An Analytical Review and Extension of Two Decades of Research Related to PC-Crash Simulation Software

PC-Crash is a vehicular accident simulation software that is widely used by the accident reconstruction community. ...The goal of this article is to review the prior literature that has addressed the capabilities of PC-Crash and its accuracy and reliability for various applications (planar collisions, rollovers, and human motion). ...In addition, this article aims to add additional analysis of the capabilities of PC-Crash for simulating planar collisions and rollovers. Simulation analysis of five planar collisions originally reported and analyzed by Bailey [2000] are reexamined.
Technical Paper

An Examination of Equations Relating Motorcycle Impact Speed to Struck Vehicle Post-Impact Rotational Displacement

The most general and comprehensive solution will be to use one of the widely-accepted accident reconstruction simulation programs – PC-Crash, HVE (the EDSMAC4 or SIMON modules), or Virtual CRASH. These software packages incorporate equations for calculating the velocity changes that occur when the vehicles collide and equations for calculating the post-impact motion of the vehicles.