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AS13002 Qualifying an Alternate Inspection Frequency Plan

This course is verified by Probitas Authentication as meeting the AS9104/3A requirements for continuing Professional Development. AS13002 defines the process for qualifying an Alternate Inspection Frequency Plan for suppliers within the aero-engine sector.  This two-day course will provide common requirements for developing and qualifying an alternate inspection plan, other than 100% inspection of all features.  This course is designed to cover the basic elements of the process to be applied to design characteristics (as defined in AS9102), and parts or inspection processes as defined by the purchaser.
Training / Education

Fundamentals of Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) for Aerospace Systems

It will also emphasize the critical aspect of systems engineering and why that is crucial to developing viable PHM systems....One way to counter this is by making systems “smarter” so that they can self-diagnose themselves, help with troubleshooting, and estimate remaining useful life.
Training / Education

Vehicle Noise Control Engineering Academy - Vehicle Interior Noise Track

The Vehicle Interior Noise track focuses on understanding the characteristics of noise produced by different propulsion systems, including internal combustion, hybrid and electric powered vehicles and how these noises affect the sound quality of a vehicle’s interior.  
Training / Education

AS13100 and RM13000 8D Problem Solving Requirements for Suppliers

This course is verified by Probitas Authentication as meeting the AS9104/3A requirements for continuing Professional Development. AS13100 and RM13000 define the Problem-Solving standard for suppliers within the aero-engine sector, with the Eight Disciplines (8D) problem solving method the basis for this standard. This two-day course provides participants with a comprehensive and standardized set of tools to become an 8D practitioner. Successful application of 8D achieves robust corrective and preventive actions to reduce the risk of repeat occurrences and minimize the cost of poor quality.
Training / Education

Development and Practice of Airborne Electronic Hardware Based on DO-254

Participants in this course comprehensive understanding of the DO-254 standard including how the development of airborne electronic hardware (AEH) and the development of the aircraft system are related. It addresses the key objectives, activities, and generated data of the AEH lifecycle and presents common problems in the application of DO-254 and how to prevent them.
Training / Education

DO-326A and ED-202A An Introduction to the New and Mandatory Aviation Cyber-Security Essentials

This course will introduce participants to industry best practices for real-world aviation cyber-security risk-assessment, development & assurance. Participants will learn the information necessary to help minimize DO-326/ED-202-set compliance risks and costs, while also optimizing cyber-security levels for the development, deployment and in-service phases Topics such as aircraft security aspects of safety, systems-approach to security, security planning, the airworthiness security process, and security effectiveness assurance will be covered.