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Technical Paper

Vibration Comfort Control for HEV Based on Machine Learning

Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) with a power-split system offer a variety of possibilities in reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. Power-split systems use a planetary gear sets to create a strong mechanical coupling between the internal combustion engine, the generator and the electric motor. This concept offers rather low oscillations and therefore passive damping components are not needed. Nevertheless, during acceleration or because of external disturbances, oscillations which are mostly influenced by the ICE, can still occur which leads to a drivability and performance downgrade. This paper proposes a design of an active damping control system which uses the electric motor to suppress those oscillations instead of handling them within the ICE control unit. The control algorithm is implemented as part of an existing hybrid controller without any additional hardware introduced.
Technical Paper

Virtual Sensors in Small Engines – Previous Successes and Promising Future Use Cases

Virtual sensing, i.e., the method of estimating quantities of interest indirectly via measurements of other quantities, has received a lot of attention in various fields: Virtual sensors have successfully been deployed in intelligent building systems, the process industry, water quality control, and combustion process monitoring. In most of these scenarios, measuring the quantities of interest is either impossible or difficult, or requires extensive modifications of the equipment under consideration – which in turn is associated with additional costs. At the same time, comprehensive data about equipment operation is collected by ever increasing deployment of inexpensive sensors that measure easily accessible quantities. Using this data to infer values of quantities which themselves are impossible to measure – i.e., virtual sensing – enables monitoring and control applications that would not be possible otherwise.