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Technical Paper

Application of ADI with Improved Fracture Toughness for Structural Members of Heavy Duty Trucks

Production cost saving is the main subject of process control of all automobile industries. Recently introduced ADI is a suitable material for those issues, but usefulness is restricted because of its poor fracture toughness. In the study, the effect of casting and austempering conditions on the fracture toughness of ADI were determined in order to develop a suitable material which can replace forged alloy steel. For casting of DCI, sandwitch method was conducted as inoculation process involving spheroldizing treatment with calballoy. Austempering was carried out in a salt bath with a composition of 50% KNO3 and 50% NaNO3 and then cooled in air. Two main parameters, namely austempering temperature and time, were selected as variables and structural changes of ADI with initial casting conditions was monitored with them. According to the casting results, it was confirmed that the mechanical properties of ADI, especially fracture toughness, depends strongly on casting conditions of DCI.