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Technical Paper

A Study of Calibration of Electronic-controlled Injector Employed in High Pressure Common Rail System

In order to meet the need of high pressure common rail diesel engine, calibration for injection quantity and basic MAP of electronic-controlled injector are made. Combining with testing data, influencing factors for consistency and identity of injecting fuel in electronic-controlled injector are analyzed, in the condition of small quantity, controlled-pressure undulation quantity and injecting pulse revising are presented to achieve the respective demand. Primary basic map for common rail pressure and injecting fuel are fixed with alterable step method, and calibration of fuel quantity MAP is made on bench test. Finally test of electronic-controlled injector equipped in diesel engine is finished, testing result showed that calibration process and method are reasonable.
Technical Paper

Modeling and Simulation of a Dual Fuel (Diesel/Natural Gas) Engine With Multidimensional CFD

A dual fuel engine simulation model was formulated and the combustion process of a diesel/natural gas dual fuel engine was studied using an updated KIVA-3V Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) code. The dual fuel engine ignition and combustion process is complicated since it includes diesel injection, atomization and ignition, superimposed with premixed natural gas combustion. However, understanding of the combustion process is critical for engine performance optimization. Starting from a previously validated Characteristic-Timescale diesel combustion model, a natural gas combustion model was implemented and added to simulate the ignition and combustion process in a dual fuel bus engine. Available engine test data were used for validation of both the diesel-only and the premixed spark-ignition operation regimes. A new formulation of the Characteristic-Timescale combustion model was then introduced to allow smooth transition between the combustion regimes.