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Technical Paper

Automation of Sorting and Kitting from cutting tables

Within the current part production of carbon fiber parts a lot of manual work is included for sorting and kitting of automatic cut plies. This is required due to the high raw material costs and enables a good utilization of the materials. Automation of this non-value adding process will be a big benefit for the part production. The high variety of shapes and the different materials to be processed are complex boundary conditions, which are to be overcome. Broetje is in development of handling systems and automation solutions, which are used for a high variety of materials as well as for a high variety of shapes. These systems are meant to be an add-on for existing cutting tables as well as for fully integrated production systems with downstream automation equipment like draping hoods. Mayor challenges to overcome are safe gripping capabilities, detection of #non-cut fibers, high variety of shapes, complex logistic management. These challenges are addressed with Broetje’s ASK Solution.
Technical Paper

FRAC (Frame Riveter Assembly Cell)

The industry wide requirement of new highly flexible automated fastening systems in aircraft production has created the need for developing new fastening systems. This paper will focus on the development of the Frame Riveting Assembly Cell (FRAC) by BROETJE-Automation to meet this need. The new FRAC machine configuration is built for automated drilling and fastening of different aircraft type parts. It is highly flexible with a high speed positioning system mounted multifunction end effector. System travel is limited only by installed track length. The FRAC integrates well with conventional and reconfigurable automated fastening work holding tools.
Technical Paper

Innovative Approach for Modular and Flexible Positioning Systems for Large Aircraft Assembly

This paper presents an innovative approach for modular and flexible positioning systems for large aircraft assembly, for instance the manufacturing of the fuselage sections from shell panels and floor grids, the alignment of the sections to build the fuselage, and the joining of wings and tail units to the fuselage. The positioning system features a modular, reconfigurable, and versatile solution for various aircraft dimensions and different applications. This includes the positioning units, the controls, the measurement interface and the product supports. It provides the customer with a holistic solution that considers the specific positioning task taking into account high absolute positioning accuracy, repeatability and synchronization of the motion for all manipulators that constitute the positioning system. Various tools and method which were used during the development process are introduced and the developed standardized Positioning Technology is briefly explained.
Technical Paper

Assembly Concept for the Fixed Trailing Edge based on Moveable Jigs

The demand to produce aircraft structures with new materials, at acceptable investment levels, without restricting product quality or equipment reliability prompts suppliers and customers to think about new concepts for production processes. The manufacturing system in this paper, for a Fixed Trailing Edge Assembly Facility, combines traditional manual manufacturing processes with highly automated machinery. The introduction of a flow process, with moveable assembly jigs, enables high production rates with optimized operating times of the equipment. The system also provides the flexibility to handle different aircraft variants. This paper is intended to focus on the main aspects of the state of the art technology of the manufacturing system and shall explain the integration of such a system from the design phase to the operational launch in an actual aircraft program.