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Technical Paper

A HiL Test Bench for Monocular Vision Sensors and Its Applications in Camera-Only AEBs

This paper presents a HiL test bench specifically designed for closed-loop testing of the monocular-vision based ADAS sensors, whereby the animated pictures of the virtual scene is calibrated and projected onto a 120-degree circular screen, such that the camera sensor installed has the same vision as the observation of the real-world scene. A high-fidelity AEBs model is established and deployed in the real-time target of the HiL system, making intervention decisions based on the instance-level detection information transmitted from the physical sensor. By referring to the 2018 edition of the C-NCAP testing protocol, the HiL tests of the rear-end collision scenarios is performed to investigate the performance and characteristics of the longitudinal-motion sensing of the sensor sample under test.