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Technical Paper

Update on the Developments of the SAE J2334 Laboratory Cyclic Corrosion Test

The Corrosion Task Force of the Automotive/Steel Partnership has developed the SAE J2334 cyclic laboratory test for evaluating the cosmetic corrosion resistance of auto body steel sheet. [Ref. 1] Since the publishing of this test in 1997, further work has improved the precision of J2334. In this paper, the results of this work along with the revisions to the J2334 test will be discussed.
Technical Paper

Development of an Improved Cosmetic Corrosion Test By the Automotive and Aluminum Industries for Finished Aluminum Autobody Panels

The Automotive Aluminum Alliance in conjunction with SAE ACAP founded a corrosion task group in 2000 with a goal to establish an in-laboratory cosmetic corrosion test for finished aluminum auto body panels, which provides a good correlation with in-service performance. Development of this test involves a number of key steps that include: (1) Establishing a reservoir of standard test materials to provide a well-defined and consistent frame of reference for comparing test results; (2) Defining a real-world performance for the reference materials through on-vehicle tests conducted in the U.S. and Canada; (3) Evaluating existing laboratory, proving ground, and outdoor tests; (4) Conducting statistically designed experiments to evaluate the effects of cyclic-test variables; (5) Comparing corrosion mechanisms of laboratory and on-vehicle tests; and (6) Conducting a round robin test program to determine the precision of the new test. Several of these key steps have been accomplished.