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Technical Paper

An Integrated Simulation Model for the Prediction of GDI Engine Cylinder Emissions and Exhaust After-Treatment System Performance

The paper describes the development and validation of a quasi-dimensional multi-zone combustion model for Gasoline Direct Injection engines. The model has been embedded in the 1D thermo-fluid-dynamic code for the simulation of the whole engine system named GASDYN and developed by the authors [1, 2 and 3]. The GDI engine combustion model solves mass, energy and species equations using a 4th order Runge-Kutta integration method; the fuel spray is initially divided into a number of zones fixed regardless of the injected amount and the time step, considering the following break-up, droplet evaporation and air entrainment in each single zone. Experimental correlations have been used for the spray penetration and spatial information. Once the ignition begins it is assumed that the flame propagates spherically, evaluating its velocity by means of a fractal combustion approach and considering the local air-fuel ratio, which is the result of the spray evolution within the combustion chamber.