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Technical Paper

Experimental Investigation of Transient Emissions (HC and NOx) in a High Speed Direct Injection (HSDI) Diesel Engine

Transient engine tests were performed to investigate behavior of transient emissions--hydrocarbon (HC) and oxides of Nitrogen (NOx)--in a 2.4L turbocharged four cylinder High Speed Direct Injection (HSDI) diesel engine which is coupled to a hydrostatic transient dynamometer. Emissions were measured from one exhaust port 5 cm downstream of the exhaust valve and from the exhaust pipe 14 cm below the wastegate of the turbocharger. These measurements were made with fast response HC and NOx measurement analyzers. The experiments were conducted by increasing torque at constant speed and by increasing speed at constant torque, in conventional diesel combustion regions. The emissions from the two locations are compared. The transient effects of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) rates and injection timing on HC and NOx are described and the effects of linear and step load change on emissions are compared.