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An Improved Spray Model for Reducing Numerical Parameter Dependencies in Diesel Engine CFD Simulations

Lagrangian-Droplet and Eulerian-Fluid (LDEF) based spray models are widely used in engine and combustion system computations. Numerical grid and time-step-dependencies of Discrete Droplet Lagrangian spray models have been identified by previous researchers [1, 2]. The two main sources of grid-dependency are due to errors in predicting the droplet-gas relative velocity, and errors in describing droplet-droplet collision and coalescence processes. For reducing grid-dependency due to the relative velocity effects, results from gas jet theory are introduced along with a Lagrangian collision model [1, 3] and applied to model diesel sprays. The improved spray model is implemented in the engine simulation code KIVA-3V [4] and is tested under various conditions, including constant volume chambers and various engine geometries with vaporizing and combusting sprays with detailed chemistry.