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Powertrain Metric to Assess Engine Stop Start Refinement

Every automaker is looking for ways to improve the fuel economy of its vehicle fleet to meet the EPA greenhouse gas regulation, which translates into 2025 Corporate Averaged Fuel Economy of 54.5 mpg. Engine Stop Start technology will improve the fuel economy of the vehicle by shutting down the engine when the vehicle is stationary. While this is an established technology in Europe, it is beginning to gain momentum in North America, where NVH refinement is a stronger consideration. To utilize the fuel economy benefits of Stop Start technology in the North American market, the technology must be seamlessly incorporated into the vehicle. This paper gives an overview of characterizing an auto start based on the features of a few Powertrain-system-level metrics. Following the fundamentals of NVH, (Source, Path and Receiver) the receiver touch points will be less perceptible to vibration, if the powertrain-system source is made smoother.