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Technical Paper

A Rear Disc Brake for American Passenger Cars

Rear disc brakes were released as standard equipment on 1975 Mark IV and as a regular production option on 1975 Lincoln, Thunderbird, and Mercury. This brake is the result of a joint Ford/Kelsey-Hayes design and development effort. The key feature is a single-piston sliding caliper with an integral, self-adjusting parking brake mechanism. The design offers great flexibility in packaging on various car lines and on different axles. This paper describes the major features of the design and the significant problems found and overcome in the development program.
Technical Paper

Computer Assisted Packaging for Driver’s Rear Viewing

A new method, which enlists the aid of a digital computer, has been perfected to quickly and accurately determine the performance of a proposed rearview mirror while still early in the design stage. Because of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) require a minimum viewing performance for both inside and outside left rearview mirrors, and since a common method — by which an intended design can be judged for compliance — would benefit both the Industry and the Federal Government, this method and the appropriate computer programs are being made available to all interested groups. Use of the computer programs results in a tremendous time savings over any manual drafting technique. This paper is intended to serve as a design guide to be followed when packaging rearview mirrors. A general introduction on the subject of rear viewing is followed by a discussion of the approach to the problem of evaluating the performance of a rear viewing device.