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Technical Paper

Two-Piece Collared Flange Nuts for Stud Mounted Dual Steel Wheels

This paper examines the development of a two-piece collared flange nut for dual stud mounted wheels. These steel wheels have a 10 hole 11-1/4″ (285.75mm) bolt circle diameter with .875 spherical countersinks. Development was done using standard heavy truck dual wheels. The wheels used were 22.5×8.25 and 24.5×8.25. The objective of the laboratory testing was to compare the current inner and outer cap nuts to the two-piece collared flange nuts. The comparison involved torque retension, clamping force, stud loading, stud durability, and assembly runout. The field testing on the two-piece collared flange nuts was conducted to determine torque retension under field conditions. The test results indicate that wheel clamping forces increase and the torque retension improves with the use of two-piece collared flange nuts.