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Technical Paper

Application of Dual-Phase Steels for Automotive Closure Panels

With interest in improving vehicle quality and customer satisfaction, Ford Motor Company initiated an effort aimed at improving dent resistance of closure panels. An investigation of various means of product improvement led to the recognition of dual phase steels, due to their inherent formability and strain hardening attributes, as the most appropriate steel panel for outer panel applications. Ispat Inland's new Electro-galvanized dual phase steel DI-FORM 500 (henceforth referred to by the generic designation, DP500), which meets 500 MPa minimum tensile strength, was specifically designed to meet automotive exposed quality standards. This paper compares the dent resistance performance of automotive door assemblies manufactured with both Bake Hardenable 210 (BH210) and DP500 door outer panels. Results indicate the achievement of significantly improved outer panel dent resistance through the use of the DP500 product.