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Technical Paper

Evaluation of Automatic Fire Suppression Systems in Full Scale Vehicle Fire Tests and Static Vehicle Fire Tests

A prototype fire suppression system was tested in one full-scale vehicle crash tests and three static vehicle fire tests. The prototype fire suppression system consisted of 2 Solid Propellant Gas Generators and two optical detectors. These components were installed on the hood of the test vehicle. A vehicle crash test and a series of static vehicle fire tests were performed to determine the effectiveness of this prototype fire suppression systems in extinguishing fires in the engine compartment of a crashed vehicle
Technical Paper

Flammability Testing of Automotive Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Modules Made from Polymers Containing Flame Retardant Chemicals

Flammability tests were conducted on one control HVAC module and two experimental automotive HVAC modules containing flame retardant chemicals. The HVAC modules were exposed to a heptane pool fire. All three HVAC modules burned under these conditions. The mass loss rates of the control and experimental HVAC modules were similar. The flame retardant chemicals caused a 50% reduction in the heat produced, a 751 - 897% increase in the carbon monoxide produced, a 4,867 - 5,567% increase in the gaseous hydrocarbon produced, and a 3,875 - 4,725% increase in the smoke produced when the HVAC modules burned under these conditions. These quantitative results are consistent with visual observations made during these tests that the experimental HVAC modules produced substantially more smoke than the control HVAC module.