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Technical Paper

Localization of Parts Production for Trucks: Transfer of Press Parts Production Technology

Thai Hino Industries, one of Hino Motors Ltd.'s major overseas joint ventures, has been manufacturing trucks since it was founded over 20 years ago. During that time, Hino Motors, in cooperation with the Government of Thailand, has increasingly localized the production of vehicle component parts. Today, calculated by item, 45% of all such parts are produced by Thai Hino Industries and its local suppliers. As a result, Thai Hino Industries has grown into a company which makes significant contributions not only to the automotive industry but to Thailand's industrial sector as a whole. Localization of Thai Hino progressed from the transfer of vehicle assembly know-how, to the establishment of feasible guidelines for parts production localization, then on to the transfer of production engineering know-how for flexible manufacturing systems, and finally to the transfer of production engineering know-how for press dies.