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Technical Paper

Clamping System for 3-Dimensional Laser Welding

A special clamping cell developed in the framework of the collaborative research center 368 at the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH) is able to clamp different workpieces in an absolutely autonomous way. In this paper an autonomous hydraulic clamping system for milling processes as well as a clamping system for 3-dimensional laser welding are presented. In particular a proportional throttle valve for several hydraulic cylinder developed for this clamping cell is introduced. The clamping system for the milling process is a completely autonomous hydraulic clamping system. All of the hydraulic as well as the electric components are integrated into this device. Further more a micro controller and a power supply are integrated into the clamping system as well. For the welding process the clamping system has to hold two sheet metal.
Technical Paper

Hydraulic Linear Actuators with High Dynamic Load Stiffness

The simple, compact design and the high power and force density of linear-motion hydraulic actuators make them suitable for a wide range of applications in the machine building and systems engineering sectors. Linear hydraulic actuators do, however, demonstrate more elasticity with respect to the desired position than their electric counterparts by dynamically changing loads. The time response for maintenance of the desired position when subjected to dynamic load changes is referred to below as dynamic load stiffness. This article begins by considering the elementary principles of a cylinder's stiffness. Afterwards it then goes on to describe various approaches in an attempt to increase dynamic load stiffness and to present the simulation results for the different systems. Then it concludes by discussing these results and using them as the basis for an assessment of the potential of each approach.