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Technical Paper

Experimental study on characteristics of diesel particulate emissions with diesel, GTL, and blended fuels

Various alternative diesel fuels such as gas to liquid (GTL) fuels, blends of diesel and biodiesel (D + BD20), and blends of GTL and biodiesel (G + BD20) were tested in a 2.0 L four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine. A noticeable reduction in exhaust emissions as compared to diesel fuel, except for NOx emissions, was observed by blending biodiesel with diesel and GTL fuel under selected part load conditions. There was a maximum reduction of 33% for THC emissions and 27% for CO emissions for G + BD20 fuel as compared to diesel fuel. For PM size distributions, a noticeable decrease in the PM number concentration for all particle sizes less than 300 nm was observed with the blending of biodiesel. In contrast, there was a slight increase in the number concentration of PM with diameters of less than 50 nm for the cases of EGR. In the case of particulate matter (PM) mass concentration, there were reductions of 31~59% for D + BD20 fuel and 57~71% for G + BD20 fuel.