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Technical Paper

Influence of Lubrication on the Fatigue Life of Ball Bearings

Fatigue life of the 6206 deep groove ball bearings has been evaluated under various thin lubricant film conditions. Endurance testing demonstrates that the fatigue life is remarkably longer than previous formal experiments. In addition, examination of flaked areas showed some to have subsurface origins, even after testing with extremely thin lubricant films. Longer fatigue life has been attributed to improvements in bearing steel quality, as well as improvements in the surface roughness of the ball bearing raceways. With thin lubricant films, the film parameter Λ, and the roughness profile have a greater influence on ball bearing fatigue life. Qualitative analysis of the rolling contact surfaces of some of the bearings after test has been carried out, and the formation of oxidized and carbonated films has been detected. These films can be considered to be contributors to longer fatigue life.
Technical Paper

Performance of Ceramic Bearings in High Speed Turbine Application

High speed precision ball bearings, like those used in machine tool spindles, can have serious problems associated with spin or gyroscopic moment of the rolling elements. The use of low density, silicon nitride ceramic rolling elements reduces these problems. This report presents performance test results of bearings with silicon nitride balls, and steel balls, in a high speed turbine application, using oil jet, and oil mist lubrication methods.