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PCCI Investigation Using Variable Intake Valve Closing in a Heavy Duty Diesel Engine

Parametric tests using various EGR amounts, boost intake pressures, fueling rates, intake valve closings (IVC), injection pressures, and start-of-injection timings were executed to explore the limitations and potential of an intake valve actuation system on a heavy-duty diesel engine. At high-speed, intermediate load (56%) operation, constant airflow and no EGR, the use of late intake valve closing enabled a 70% NOx reduction while maintaining PM levels. Through an investigation using low load operation, late IVC, and reduced intake pressure, 2010 not-to-exceed NOx and PM emissions (0.25 g/kW-hr NOx, 0.02 g/kW-hr PM) were achieved with 40% EGR. At medium load, constant air flow, and early SOI, it was found that the NOx, HC and BSFC levels at a late IVC with 30%EGR were comparable to those with the stock camshaft IVC timing of 143°BTDC with 40%EGR. In comparison, the CO and PM levels decreased by nearly 70% with the use of late IVC timing and less EGR.