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Technical Paper

Contact Pressure Distribution for Flow of Metal through Drawbeads

To aid in understanding die wear when stamping AHSS, a study to characterize the contact pressure distribution in drawbeads during stamping had been undertaken. As direct measurement of contact pressure for a drawbead is not feasible during metal flow, a combination of experimental and Finite Element (FE) simulation techniques were used to determine the contact pressure distributions and the maximum contact pressure for a number of different conditions. Testing was conducted using the Drawbead Simulator (DBS) for two different bead configurations. The materials in this investigation were 0.7mm and 0.8mm EG BH210 and EG DP500. Static Implicit FE analyses were conducted with ABAQUS Standard using 2D plane strain continuum elements. A combined hardening model in conjunction with strain rate effects was used to describe material behavior as it flows through the drawbeads.