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Technical Paper

International Space Station Environmental Control and Life Support System Technology Evolution

The baseline Environmental Control and Life Support System (ECLSS) for the International Space Station (ISS) includes regenerative and non-regenerative technologies for Temperature and Humidity Control (THC), Atmosphere Control and Supply (ACS), Fire Detection and Suppression (FDS), Atmosphere Revitalization (AR), Water Recovery and Management (WRM), Waste Management (WM), and Vacuum System (VS). The U.S. Lab module will contain complete THC and ACS subsystems and an open loop AR including a Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA), Trace Contaminant Control Subassembly (TCCS), and a Major Constituent Analyzer (MCA). An Oxygen Generation Assembly (OGA) is added with the U. S. Hab module, along with the WRM and WM subsystems. The final baseline configuration is a closed water loop and partially closed atmosphere loop and represents the best available mature technologies.