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Technical Paper

The Corrosion Performance of Steel Self-Piercing Rivets When Used with Aluminum Components

One joining technique that is receiving increased attention is mechanical fastening with a steel self-piercing rivet. The use of steel rivets in direct contact with aluminum components raises questions concerning galvanic corrosion. To determine if a corrosion problem exists, aluminum samples were joined by two processes--resistance spot welding and steel self-piercing rivets. Replicate samples using two aluminum alloys were tested for 90 days by alternate immersion in 3.5% NaCl water solution. After alternate immersion exposure, the integrity of the joint was evaluated by shear testing. Joint shear strengths and the metallographic corrosion evaluations are presented in this paper.
Technical Paper

Construction Experience on Aluminum Experimental Body

This paper compares the construction of an aluminum body with an identical steel body. The design parameters set forth for the steel body governed the overall approach resulting in a realistic comparison between aluminum and steel weight of a body-in-white. The paper discusses specific techniques used in the construction of the aluminum body and outlines areas of difference between aluminum and steel of interest to automotive engineers.