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Technical Paper

SPS Crystalline Polymer: A New Material for Automotive Interconnect Systems

Syndiotactic Polystyrene (SPS) is a new semi-crystalline polymer under development by Dow Plastics. The material is completely different from conventional styrenics in structure, physical properties and synthetic method, and represents the basis for an entirely new family of materials based on crystalline polystyrene. SPS has a melting point of 270°C (520°F) combined with excellent resistance to moisture and automotive fluids. Additionally, SPS products exhibit exceptional electrical performance and competitive toughness and stiffness. A wide range of products have been formulated for specific applications including impact-modified and glass-reinforced grades. This paper was designed to discuss the performance attributes of SPS as they relate to use of this material in automotive, interconnect systems where a combination of heat resistance, chemical resistance, dimensional stability and enhanced processability are required.