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Technical Paper

Development of ABS and Traction Control Computer

A new ABS and Traction control system (TRAC system) has been developed and put into mass production in a new model LEXUS LS400. The TRAC system controls Sub-Throttle Valve and brake hydraulic pressure independently for left and right wheels. To realize the ABS and TRAC system,it is necessary for the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to process complex algorithm and high speed calculation. The ABS and TRAC ECU for LEXUS LS400 is constructed by 3 TOYOTA custom 8-bit single chip microcomputers. Each CPU performs wheel speed calculation,ABS control and TRAC control,sharing the common data through high speed serial communication. This paper describes the function of each CPU,the method of CPU communication and fail safe function in the ECU.
Technical Paper

The “Lexus” Traction Control (TRAC) System

One of the innovations for the Lexus LS400 is the development of a traction control system (TRAC system). The TRAC system suppresses the spinning of the driven wheels, which occurs easily on slippery roads during excessive acceleration, and it improves the acceleration performance and the stability of the car. The TRAC system controls the engine sub-throttle angle and the brake hydraulic pressure for the driven wheels in the same way as the traction control system for the 1987 Toyota Crown. But, acceleration performance and stability of Lexus LS400 is better than Crown as a result of good wheel spinning control by additional improvements of the throttle and brake control methods. Especially as the TRAC system controls the brake hydraulic pressure individually for left and right wheel, the car acceleration performance on split-μ surfaces is improved notably.