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Technical Paper

Applications of Friction Algorithms for Rapid Engine Concept Assessments

This paper presents the development and applications of engine friction algorithms to quickly estimate performance, optimum geometry of critical engine components, and packaging for rapid engine concept assessments. The development and implementation of some knowledge-based design rules will also be presented to quickly estimate the critical geometry of engine components and component weight such as valve sizing, piston weight, crankshaft geometry, etc. Some examples of powertrain concept design, such as the estimation of friction and packaging will be presented. The simulation results of the friction algorithms will be compared to some of available experimental data and also other friction estimation methods.
Technical Paper

Critical Engine Geometry Generation for Rapid Powertrain Concept Design Assessment

This paper presents some of the design rules used to calculate critical geometry of engine components, and the object-oriented component hierarchy system in PET. This paper also presents parametric solid model assembling schemes used to dynamically construct an assembly of whole powertrain systems. Some examples of powertrain concept design, such as the estimation of friction, packaging, and moving component clearances, will be presented. The computational efficiency of this concept design method will be compared to traditional methods also.