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Technical Paper

The Effect of Ceria Content on the Performance of a NOx Trap

A study was performed on a lean NOx trap in which the loading of a ceria-containing mixed oxide in the washcoat was varied. After a mild stabilization of the traps, the time required to purge the NOx trap generally increased with increasing amount of mixed oxide. The purge NOx release also increased with increasing mixed oxide level but was greatly diminished after thermal aging. The sulfur tolerance of the NOx trap improved as the mixed oxide content was increased from 0% to 37%. The sample with 0% mixed oxide was more difficult to desulfate than the other samples due to poor water-gas-shift capability. After thermal aging, the NOx reduction efficiency on a 60 second lean/5 second rich cycle was highest for the samples with 0% to 37% mixed oxide at evaluation temperatures of 400°C to 500°C.