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Water Spray and High Humidity Endurance Test Methods for AMS1424 and AMS1428 Aircraft Deicing/Anti-Icing Fluids

This document establishes the minimum requirements for an environmental test chamber, and test procedures to carry out anti-icing performance tests according to the current materials specification for aircraft deicing/anti-icing fluids. The primary purpose for such a test method is to determine the anti icing endurance under controlled laboratory conditions of AMS1424 Type I and AMS1428 Type II, III, and IV fluids.

Laboratory Viscosity Measurement of Thickened Aircraft Deicing/Anti-icing Fluids with the Brookfield LV Viscometer

This AS describes a standard method for viscosity measurements of thickened (AMS1428) anti-icing fluids. Fluid manufacturers may publish alternate methods for their fluids. In case of conflicting results between the two methods, the manufacturer method takes precedence. To compare viscosities, exactly the same measurement elements (including spindle and container size) must have been used to obtain those viscosities.

Field Viscosity Test for Thickened Aircraft Anti-Icing Fluids

This SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) provides a description of a screening method for use in the field for verifying an AMS 1428 anti-icing fluid is above its minimum low shear viscosity as published with holdover time guidelines. The test will determine if the fluid is (a) satisfactory, (b) unsatisfactory, or (c) borderline needing more advanced viscometry testing. Other field tests may be required to determine if an anti-icing fluid is useable, such as refractive index, appearance or other tests as may be recommended by the fluid manufacturer.