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Technical Guidelines for Aerospace and High Performance Electronic Systems Containing Lead-free Solder and Finishes

This document is intended for use as technical guidance by Aerospace system suppliers, e.g., Aerospace system Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Aerospace system maintenance facilities, in developing and implementing designs and processes to assure the continued performance, quality, reliability, safety, airworthiness, configuration control, affordability, maintainability, and supportability of high performance aerospace systems (subsequently referred to as AHP) both during and after the transition to Pb-Free electronics. This document is intended for application to aerospace products; however, it may also be applied, at the discretion of the user, to other products with similar characteristics, e.g., low-volume, rugged use environments, high reliability, long lifetime, and reparability. If other industries wish to use this document, they may substitute the name of their industry for the word "Aerospace" in this document.

Performance Standard for Aerospace and High Performance Electronic Systems Containing Lead-free Solder


This standard defines the objectives of, and requirements for, documenting processes that assure customers and regulatory agencies that ADHP electronic systems containing Pb-free solder, piece parts, and PBs will satisfy the applicable requirements for performance, reliability, airworthiness, safety, and certifiability throughout the specified life of performance.

It is intended to communicate requirements for a Pb-free Control Plan (LFCP), hereinafter referred to as the Plan, and to assist the Plan Owners in the development of their own Plans. The Plan documents the Plan Owner’s processes that assure their customers, and all other stakeholders that the Plan Owner's products will continue to meet their requirements, given the risks stated in the Introduction.


Evaluation of Pb-free Material within Electronic Piece Parts

Piece part suppliers have been transition to using Pb-free solders within the parts themselves, such as Pb-free solder bumps. This document will provide guidance on necessary tests and evaluations for parts using Pb-free solders.

Guidelines for Pb-free BGAs: Reballing vs. Mixed Alloy Soldering

This document will provide guidance and risk trade discussion on reballing Pb-free BGAs vs. installing them using a mixed alloy soldering method. Information will be presented relative to the risks of each method and guidance on an approach.