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Service Damage Limits for Aircraft Hydraulic Tubing

This SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) is intended to assist in evaluating the serviceability of damaged hydraulic tubing lines. The performance requirements are outlined to which the defect sample were tested. Test methods and data are described and summarized. Permissible defect limits are listed for 6061-T6 aluminum return lines, 3000 psi hydraulic tubing of 21Cr-6Ni-9Mn SS, 304 1/8 hard, corrosion resistant steel (CRES), as well as 3Al-2.5V CWRS and 3Al-2.5V annealed, seamless titanium tubing. All dimensions are in inches unless otherwise noted.

Clamp Material, Injection Molded

This report presents the material properties and test requirements for an injection molded thermoplastic compound utilized for fabrication of AS1396 clamp block assembly.

Fittings, Axially Swaged Tube with Flareless Separable, Fluid System for Operating Pressures up to and Including 5080 psi (35000 kPa), Specification for

This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) establishes the requirements for externally swaged titanium tube fittings on titanium and CRES tubing with flareless separable fitting for use in hydraulic supply and return aerospace fluid systems up to operating pressure of 5080 psig (35 000 kPa) maximum and an operating temperature range of -65 to +275 °F (-54 to +135 °C). This specification covers a common 5080 psi pressure titanium fitting that may be used for a range of operating pressures up to 5080 psi with different tubing materials and tubing wall thicknesses, and is assembled with the same tooling in accordance with AS5959. The fitting operating pressure is based on the fitting thread pitch. Extra fine pitch for 5080 psi operating pressure and fine pitch for operating pressures 3000 psi and less. Table 12 shows applicable aerospace fitting part number standard and tubing materials and operating pressures.