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SAE/AISI Sydney H. Melbourne Award for Excellence in the Advancement of Automotive Sheet Steel - Participate - SAE International

Established in 1997, this award recognizes an author, who, in his/her paper, effectively demonstrates ways to further the use of sheet steel in automotive applications. The paper must be well organized, written in a succinct manner and possess excellent technical merit. It should also foster long-term benefits to sheet steel industry professionals worldwide. The award honors the memory and accomplishments of the late Sydney H. Melbourne of Dofasco Inc., and encourages others to strive for the level of excellence he attained within his organization, the steel industry and the automotive marketplace. The award is presented at the Awards Ceremony during the WCX World Congress Experience.

Vincent Bendix Automotive Electronics Engineering Award - Participate - SAE International

Established in 1976, this award annually recognizes the author(s) of the best paper(s) relating to the subject matter of automotive electronics engineering. Material or development forming the subject matter of the paper must be based on personal work. The award consists of a framed certificate and a medal and is presented at the Awards Ceremony during the WCX World Congress Experience.

Trevor O. Jones Outstanding Paper Award - Participate - SAE International

The former Convergence Transportation Electronics Association (CTEA) in June 1992 developed the Convergence Outstanding Paper Award (later renamed the Trevor O. Jones Outstanding Paper Award). An endowment established by Siemens Automotive, Ford Motor Company and ITT Automotive supports the award in perpetuity. This Award honors the author of written paper which covers aspects of passenger car, truck, and commercial vehicle electronics systems. This award recognizes Trevor O. Jones, Founder of Convergence®, for his contributions to the field of transportation electronics. Papers will be judged primarily for their value as technically new and innovative contributions to the existing knowledge base of transportation electronics. Reviews shall be based upon the value of the paper itself as an original contribution, not upon the value of a development or invention already known which the paper may describe. The Trevor O.