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Technical Paper

Development of the New Navigation System - Voice Route Guidance

We have developed a new navigation system which utilizes voice synthesis function, and mounted it on the new model. This paper reports the details of the navigation system. The navigation system was developed with the aim of providing a system which is capable of reducing the load on the driver and helping reach the destination smoothly and more safely than the conventional system.
Technical Paper

Development of the New Toyota Electro-Multivision

This study introduces the most recent version of the Toyota Electro-Multivision system which was equipped on the 1991 Soarer. As in the previous version, the Electro-Multivision is operated and controlled by interactive inputs through touch-activated display panel switches. The key features of the system are its use of the state-of-the art 5.9-inch thin film transistor (TFT) LCD and four improved navigation functions. The new navigation-related functions are as follows: 1. Two CD-ROM disks incorporating map data on major cities (Scale: 10,000 to 1). 2. Touch activated panel display of maps that can be scrolled with the touch of a finger. 3. A location function that works off a global positioning system (GPS) and map matching. 4. Route Guidance from the present position to a target destination.
Technical Paper

Map Navigation Software of the Electro-Multivision of the '91 Toyota Soarer

This paper describes the Electro-Multivision map navigation software mounted in the Toyota Soarer (1991). The following functions are required of on-board map navigation software: 1. Indication of the exact position of the vehicle to the driver 2. Determination of the optimum path to the destination and presentation of this route to the driver in the simplest way 3. Accommodation of a wide variety of destinations and settings for different users The following gives some examples of how these functions are achieved and outlines the associated technologies. 1. Path finding and associated display technology Path finding algorithm and technology for displaying the calculated on the map; construction of a data base on CD-ROM 2. Technology for determination of the current position utilizing map matching and the global positioning system(GPS) A method with improved reliability based on two current position outputs obtained using map matching and the GPS and the mutual compensation method 3.
Technical Paper

Development of a New Electronic Analogue Meter

Besides automobile instrument clusters requiring the high precision and legibility, they must also appeal to the user's fashionable sense. We have been proud of introducing such the cluster, named New Electronic Analogue Meter for the LEXUS LS 400 high quality luxury sedan. This paper describes design features of it as the followings; (1) The acrylic lens with black out effect. (2) Utilizing the cold cathode discharge tubes for pointer and back light of dial applique. (3) The virtual image warning indicators producted on the dial applique of the speedometer or tachometer.