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Technical Paper

The Development of High Efficiency Crankcase Ventilation and Oil Mist Separator for a Heavy-Duty Diesel Application

Both current exhaust emission legislations and continuously growing customer demand of less oil consumption drive the diesel engine manufacturers to develop more efficient crankcase ventilation and oil mist separation systems. In recent years, integrated design concepts are also considered for almost all sub-systems to achieve compact solutions fulfilling the tightened packaging requirements and more challenging cost targets. This paper presents crankcase ventilation and oil mist separator unit of new generation Ford Otosan Ecotorq Heavy Duty Diesel engines and all work to reach its final configuration, the three-layer filter element with an integrated impactor design. The unit has a compact design as it is integrated to engine valve cover.
Technical Paper

The Development of New 7400 and 9400 Series Ford ECOTORQ® Heavy-Duty Engines

FORD OTOSAN has developed new 7400 and 9400 Series ECOTORQ engines. The new series has 7.3 L and 9.0 L engines and replaces current 7300 Series Ecotorq engines powering Ford Cargo trucks since 2003. In this paper, new features of the engines are described. The engines have high peak fire pressure capability achieved by implementation of the new cylinder head gasket concept, and Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) material for cylinder block and cylinder head. Parent bore power cylinder application together with new fine boring process brings low oil consumption and long engine life. Lateral cooling concept of the cylinder head provides both efficient cooling and higher cylinder head stiffness. Double stage oil pump used is a compact solution for the case where the part has challenging packaging limitations.