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Technical Paper

Abrasive Wear Resistance of a Fe Based Hard Coating Containing Cr and Nb

The present work has the objective to quantify and evaluate abrasive wear resistance of a hard coating. It is obtained by weld deposition of an iron based alloy containing Cr and Nb as carbide forming elements, and to compare it to wear resistance of a heat treated SAE 5160 steel, normally used for agricultural equipment. Wear resistance was determined from two body and a three body abrasion tests using pin abrasion test equipment and a rubber wheel abrasion test, respectively.
Technical Paper

The Influence of Heat Treatment on Wear Resistance of High Cr White Cast Iron

Wear resistance of high Cr white cast irons can be improved by means of heat treatment. The purpose of this work was to study the influence of parameters such as quenching and tempering temperatures and sub zero treatment in the abrasion wear performance of the high Cr white cast iron Nb alloyed. Pin-on-disc abrasion tests were performed and the worn surface was examined by SEM. The main wear mechanisms were identified. This Fe alloy has shown good performance for applications in mining and alcohol-sugar industries.