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Technical Paper

A Systematic Approach to Develop and Use Boron Alloy Steels in Truck Production in the Second Auto Works of China

The Second Auto Works of China has been extensively using boron steels in its truck manufacture with accumulation of experience over 20 years, four grades of boron steels are now in regular production with accumulated consumption of about 450,000 tons. Another three grades are in different R&D stages. A new steel series based on silicon manganese, vanadium and boron has come into being. All manufactured parts must stand field teats on very difficult terrain on the Chinese land. It has been proved by practice that boron steels can cope with requirements of truck design, manufacture and field usage. They are economical not only financially, but also on strategic material consumption. Also presented are discussions on boron steel peculiarities.
Technical Paper

Some Features of Material Usage in the Chinese EQ140 Truck

The newly mass-produced EQ 140 truck is designed for difficult service conditions existing in China. The policy of material selection is to ensure good quality of the truck and to make full use of resources rich in the country. In order to beneficially exploit the full value of cast iron, RE-Mg treated irons are employed. Wide application of high strength steels makes the truck more durable and lighter. For good hardenability, a series of boron steels is developed to save large amount of precious alloys. The success of the truck proves that the policy of selection and development of materials is well-based both technically and economically.